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Be a literal snow bun-ny with The BR

So it’s snowing.  Le duh.  But why let a little blizzard stop you from breaking a sweat?! While shoveling the white stuff actually is a great way to burn off cals, so is doing an at home workout especially with


Make your own OH SHIT KIT – so that you are prepared for any meltdown anywhere at any time

Let’s be honest, there are moments when panic attacks attack, nerves set in, body sweats take over, migraines cripple you, or your blood sugar simply runs low. For whatever tendencies you know yourself well enough to expect, there is a


Why you should DODGE The Elf on the mother ______ shelf ENTIRELY.

I 100% love the holidays. Any excuse to over indulge in all things, from retail therapy to booze to tear fests and procrastinating, makes me jump with joy. But what doesn’t make me so thrilled are things like the fucking