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Hottest Lux Spa In Town At The Delamar Hotel


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Take a journey with GG in the Turks & Caicos in this awesome destination issue - be sure to check out the #GGBikini spread too!

Summer is finally here! Unplug and catch up on what is trending in this summer issue of The GG Mag.

Pick Your Poison - talking about what no-one ever talks about. We have asked the experts and done our research to get the scoop on everything from pill popping to boozing.

Interior design on a new level: inspire the designer within as you coast thru House of Love

Le Salon Bleu- Anniversary Specials


The Most Exclusive Workout Hits Greenwich

Pilates on a sugar high!!! OBSESSED with the latest workout trend to hit Greenwich ~ the mega former is exclusive to studios (so you can’t even buy it for your home without a license!) and is exclusive to the stars!


The Best Whitener For Your Teeth

First of all everyone always wonders what the best method of whitening their teeth is: do you pay $600 for zoom or do crest white strips? In my opinion: neither. Zoom does not address any sort of bonding or other