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4 Beach Friendly Blankets We Love


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Summer is finally here! Unplug and catch up on what is trending in this summer issue of The GG Mag.

Pick Your Poison - talking about what no-one ever talks about. We have asked the experts and done our research to get the scoop on everything from pill popping to boozing.

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4th of July Blowout!


4 Fireworks Hot Spots Within 7 Miles

Fireworks are a must-see on the Fourth of July, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult finding that perfect spot! Luckily, there are several destinations that are only a hop, skip and a jump away! Here are a few of


4 Beach/Park Friendly Blankets We Love

Blankets are a necessity when planning an outing to see the fireworks. It can be a bit difficult to find a blanket that is big enough, sturdy enough, and of course, fashionably appealing. Here are a few of our favorites