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Cozy Winter Essentials

 It is 0 degrees outside = it is time to cozy up and hibernate If I am going to be cozy then there are certain requirements: no cutting corners here people! Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes…

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Must-Have-Bags For Travel

  GG’s FAVORITE TRAVEL BAGS: Shopping details: Laptop Backpack | Hardshell Beauty Case | Travel Jewelry Box Mini Clarity Clutch | Clarity Cosmetics Case | Rose Gold Luggage Set Travel Wallet | Nylon Backpack | Small Clarity Clutch Hat Box…

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Rustic Chic: It’s ALL In The Details

If you want to be a tad more subtle with your decor adding just a few hints here and there will do the trick. Personally, I like to find natural colored accessories that I can use year round: burlap, branches,…

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The Perfect Provenance, Is Literally Perfect.

Located at 47 Arch Street lives a perfectly charming and impeccable black house, the home to  the Perfect Provenance.   I have admired its charm, unique appeal and overall strong presence for years now and not a day goes by…

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