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Stop Giving A S*^%

    Self-Care, we all do it, righhhttt? Not so much. For something that right off the bat sounds as if it is a given, provoking an automatic response of “obviously”, the truth is it really is not that obvious….

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Exclusive Gift Guide, Starting At $35,000

Once again Tiffany & Co. has made a big splash on my radar. BRAVA to T&Zack first and foremost. Aside from the outrageous, ridiculously lavish first ever gift catalog they just launched, it is actually quite brilliant (seeing that it…

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Happy Hour Round-Up

Where to get your drink on in + around Greenwich, CT That little interval of life that falls between the evening hours of (hopefully) leaving work and being entirely shit faced are about to get a whole lot happier! Unrolling…

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