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Laura McKittrick, a born and raised Greenwich Girl, serves it up and dishes it out on all things lifestyle in Greenwich, CT. The GG brand is the go-to Greenwich lifestyle magazine (check out a few of the most popular issues of the digital version in the menu on the top of the homepage titled The GG Magazine), a website that is updated daily, a weekly email recap and social media icon. With a founder and editor-in-chief who inevitably became an influential public figure whom brands seek collaborations with regularly, Laura has worked with worldwide recognized brands such as Valentino, Uber, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more. But the multi faceted brand and unique advantage of having such a hands on founder who happens to be the editor, the GG herself offers much more than just her writing. Incorporating her creativity into her obsessive passion to help every business succeed in meeting their target consumer, there is a huge element of marketing and advertising incorporated strategically throughout the brand. With a love of sharing all that she discovers in and out of Greenwich, Laura shines continuous light on her fun, hysterical and colorful day to day routine. Whether she is videoing, droning, taking photographs or writing, Laura constantly documents what's sparking her interest, what isn't and everything in between. With a genuine, infectious enthusiasm bursting from her every word, GG is the ultimate authentic real life connector for individual brands to successfully meet and embrace their target consumer. Successfully achieving the art of being able to understand the needs of both the business owner and of the consumer comes naturally to her and it shows.

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