Year: 2014

Glitz & Glam 4 NYE 2015

by Kate Gibson
All dressed up and nowhere to go. Or is it the other way around? New Years Eve is the social event of the season to show off your new goodies from Christmas. Especially your new make up. For all you girls out there wanted to dress to impress this year, you still need killer makeup to complete the look! Here are a few simple things to vamp up your everyday makeup.

Winged Eyeliner: Yes, the biggest trend of 2014 was winged eyeliner. That doesn’t mean that it’s too old to ring in the new year. Take something classic and give it a little twist. Instead of one wing, make two. Make the wing longer, bolder, or even a neon color. Show your girls that you don’t just follow trends, but makes them.

Smokey Eye: Nothing beats a nice dramatic smokey eye. New Years Eve is the perfect time to pack on the dramatic color and make a statement.

Bold Lip: If you just aren’t into the bold eyes or sparkly dresses, bold color lips are a great feminine touch. That doesn’t mean red though. Although red is classic, purple and deep burgundy are not only different but add more drama to your look.

Glitter: New Years Eve is the night you bring out the shimmery and glittery clothing in the back of your closet. If you do not have these New Year’s Eve staples though, you can always incorporate in your makeup. Glittery eye shadow, eyeliner, or lip color is just enough shimmer to add a little shine to your look. Avoid body glitter however. This isn’t third grade, or a strip club.

Crazy Colors: Go nuts with color. Try some neons if you are wearing a LBD. Color can make your makeup pop.

Fake Eyelashes: This is a special occasion! If you have short eyelashes, plop some fake ones on when mascara just isn’t enough.

Nudes: If you aren’t into dramatic makeup, don’t sweat it. Stick with a beautiful nudes and pinks to highlight your natural beauty. The Naked3 Nude Pallet has a great range of colors that are warm and subtle.

No matter what your style, New Year’s Eve is the time to experiment and have a little fun. End the 2014 right with a little shimmer and shine!

5 Fab Dresses 4 NYE

Whether you feel like shaking it off for NYE or doing the tango into 2015 we at The GG have picked a different look for everyone to ring in the New Year in style
1) Lela Rose pleated silk dress, $689 (pink)
2) J.Mendel strapless dress, $975 (grey)
3) Halston Heritage faux wrap dress, $752 (blk)
4) Sachin+Babi Amaryllis dress, $695 k (blue)
5) Notte by Marchesa silk drape dress, $695 @ (red)


3 New Year’s Resolutions NOT To Make For 2015

By Sierwaa Askia

After Christmas, we all become filled to the brim with the “new year, new me” crap. Whether it’s breaking a bad habit, breaking up with bread , or breaking up with a toxic lifestyle, resolutions are often canceled within a month due to unrealistic goals. Here at GG, we offter up the three resolutions most often declared..and why you shouldn’t make them this next new years.

1) Weight loss/more activity at the gym.
This has got to be the most declared resolution. Whether the goal isn’t specific enough (such as ‘getting in shape’), or is too unrealistic to maintain (like dropping 30lbs in one month), losing weight is often a daily struggle.

Instead, try resolving to make healthier eating choices. Small steps such as meal planning over the weekend, the substitution of one caffeine drink a day with water, or instituting “Veggie Meal Fridays” are just a few fun ways to make eating healthy an adventure for yourself/your family. After all, there are tons of hidden calorie bombs in premade foods, and cooking your meals almost guarantees a drop in weight and the ever coveted jean size.

2) Breaking a Bad Habit.
First off, the breaking of bad habits should never be left up to a flimsy New Years resolution. Yet often enough, people vow to either stop drinking, smoking, or the cessation of other toxic habits solely in an effort to start the new year off right. In reality, the breaking of such habits require more than the want to get clean and start anew.

Instead, try evaluating why this habit has grown to begin with and take small yet steady steps that are guaranteed to motivate you onward in your journey to eventually break that habit. Instead of getting upset at slip ups, admit that you’re human and keep heading towards your goal of a cleaner lifestyle.

3) Starting A Business/Asking for Raises.
Starting a business takes moxie. True, unending moxie. You need tenacity, determination, perseverance, and a damn good idea. Thus, making this a new years resolution all but dooms this to fail. The same deal applies to asking for a raise. While it may seem like your hard work is being passed over for promotion, that may not always be the case.

Instead of asking for a raise, ask for a job performance evaluation. This will allow you to know where you stand out & what needs improvement. An evaluation also provides a clear pathway to future opportunities. Once it becomes evident that your work ethic and productivity cannot be replaced, you can begin the process of asking for a raise in pay. Please keep in mind that there may be a corporate reason as to why you haven’t received a raise. If this reason can’t be solved, then it may be time to consider taking your valuable skills elsewhere.

All in all, the new year often represents a fresh new start so try making smaller strides toward realistic goals and you will reap the benefits of your hard work in no time flat.

6 GG Must-Have Cocktail Dresses

‘Tis the season to look fabulous. When it comes time to wine and dine don’t forget to always shine. Whether you are into sequins or like the layered geometric look these 6 cocktail dresses will have you dancing from dusk til dawn in style.
Saint Laurent red sequin mini dress, $5,700 @

Stella McCartney b/w dot dress, $1,530 @

Mary Katrantzou astere jaquard dress, $2,627 @ (sold out on website, but still available)

Matthew Williamson liquid feather dress, $5,630 @

Balmain strapless leather mini dress, $6,685 @

Stella McCartney Hadley dress, $2,811 @

Gifts 4 HIM

When it comes to finding HIM the right present it is not always easy. Whether your guy is a techy or a fashionista at heart, with the help of SD Wentworth we picked the perfect array of gift suggestions for HIM this season. From classic to hipster, mod to conservative, we feel pretty good about this years selection.
Acqua di gio cologne, $108
Beats by dre rose gold earphones, $250 @bloomingdales
Tom Ford rive d’ambre atelier cologne, $525
Shinola mens lim.ed. Black blizzard watch, $1,500
Burberry London wilbertoon houndstooth topper coat, $2,095
Santiago Gonzalez croc duffle, $6,450
Ray Ban wayfarer RB2140 original 910 sunglasses, $131
Beats by dre champagne headphones, $300
HP 17in touch laptop, $600 @
Men’s monogram 3 initial sterling silver cuff links, $229
Junya Watanabe commes des garcons cardigan, $1,025
Nixon 4220 chronograph watch, $655
Allurez dome 18ct rose gold men’s wedding band, $605
Saint Laurent rock backpack in khaki camo, $2,350
Giuseppe Zanotti zip detail high top sneakers, $1,040
Versacea Medusa high top slip on sneakers, $1,095
Smirnoff 23ct edible Gold leaf vodka, £18 (uk)
Canon G16 Powershot camera, $450
Burberry lim.ed. BBY2007 34mm automatic watch, $18,500

GG Horoscopes

The monthly GG horoscopes by our one and only GG Gypsy have arrived!
By Dina Lockridge-Vetri

Decisions, decisions sweet Ram. Over the course of the month you’ll be gently asked, then universally asked, rather told to to make a choice. It could be career or love life related or both. Invested in a relationship over the past fews years? Well, time to choose a side, together or apart. In the case of making intense life choices getting still is the key to decisiveness. Plan a night away retreat to indulge in some good ‘ole bubbly and journal your heart out. The truth will come and you’ll feel so much freer soon, much more than this limbo you’ve been flirting with.


You’re feeling quite grounded this month, even more than usual Earth Bull. Your ignition is on fire and you’re finally able to move through the quicksand feeling of the obstacles you’ve been struggling with. Time to prance into the holiday season with Veuve and valor!


This is a decadent December for you Gemini. Time to let your hair down and enjoy all the good energy in and around you. Make a reservation at that new hot place with a new hot date or tell your partner you need a night getaway and make them plan it all and surprise you. You’re feeling spicy as you should.


While others are basking in the holiday spirit you’ll be swiftly sailing into your professional ambitions. Some waves may come your way, but don’t fret, just ride them. No need to get SO emotional now sweet Crab. We already know you’ve mastered that, so time to grow. Buy yourself some ridiculous gorgeous bouquet of flowers to remind you of the blooming you’re doing.


Get your Gucci’s, your Avedon and any other vintage throwback garb of gorgeousness you can gather. You are the star of the show just as you like it and this month has you reveling in the glamour of Greenwich-like magnificence. You’re free as a bird, so soar and sparkle.


Sooooo, everything and everyone you’ve dealt with this year will be in your sphere the entire month. A time to clear loose ends up with EVERY part of your life. Don’t bring that shit into 2015. Don’t do it Virgo. But before you cut your losses, cut your tresses, book a massage and get ready to become a warrioress.


Family is focus this holiday season. You’re quite entangled with work and friends but family needs you now. There’s been a theme of this year and this month isn’t any different. So gather the family troops and have a lavish party. You’re going to be spending a lot of time together so you might as well make it festive and fun.


Money, money, money, money, money. You are like an arrow focused on that bullseye. You’ve worked that cutie batooty off this year so don’t slow your stride now. You are fierce and fearless and quite peaceful because your heart this holiday season is on work and that’s a good thing because you love it.


You are the center of the social wheel this month. Everyone from strangers to those that know you are drawn to the joyful zen you’re illuminating. Single? Not for long. Attached? Falling so in love again you’ll want to renew your vows. Get lavish and feel the love!


All that ass kicking you’ve been doing? All the haters hating that you’ve been deflecting? Well, my dear, time for the tables to turn. That much due respect is your holiday gift and keep this mantra: “the likers gonna like”. Shine like the diamond you are and wear the one you just bought yourself because you’re so damn powerful right now.


An easy breezy love fest this month. Laid back laughter, enjoyment, toasts and sharing of dreams. You are the epitome of bohemian glam and spirit and this month is an ode to you dear Aquarius–resort style garb, messy tresses, salt stubbed skin and an amber jasmine scent to inhale the love and exhale the peace. Be the beautiful boho you.


Not going to lie, the first part of the month is rough, just a lot of effort, but once the second half hits your ready to rock ‘n roll. During the more trying days get that Pilates in or a good run in the cool air, literally work it out. During the second half, buy that skimpy holiday dress to remind yourself of all you’ve peripherally accomplished by keeping your peace–sexiness and success!

$$$ Can’t Buy Love

By Kate Gibson

How much is too much to spend on your significant other this holiday season?
Whether it’s your first or fiftieth Christmas together, every couple beats around the bush of the same old question: How much are we spending on each other. You think of the year that he gave you a beautiful necklace and you gave him a bargain bin movie, and the next year he gave you flowers and you splurged on a cashmere sweater collection for him.
So how do you come to fair middle ground? Maybe middle ground isn’t what you’re looking for. People view a fair exchange as similar prices of presents. Look at grab bag or Secret Santa cost limits though. Just because you spend and receive the same amount, does not mean that you will feel good about the presents given or received. We al have experienced disappointment or embarrassment when exchanging gifts, all in terms of money.
Forget the dollar sign and get each other something personal. Maybe you have an inside joke or went somewhere interesting together. Give a gift related to that. If you know the other person will love it, who cares how much you spend?